What if we offer you the fastest way to switch between a Single Coil and a Humbucker?

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Meet the EXchanger

Discover the EXchanger, the pedal that remodels your pickups by turning them into others.

Meet the reKoil SC@HC

Convert single coil pickup into humbucker style pickup. It will give you a loud and warm tone with powerful mids.

Meet the Wahouwah

The WahouWah is a unique pedal for guitar and bass guitar players who are looking for Wah versatility and new creative tones. 

Meet the reKoil HC@SC

Convert humbucker pickup to single coil style pickup. It will give you a bright and twangy tone with vintage output.

Meet the reKoil

As simple as a foot click, based on the analog technology of our now recognized EXchanger, transform your single coil tone into humbucker warm tone (SC@HC) or your humbucker tone into à bright single coil tone (HC@SC)… Click to reKoil!

From Single Coil to Humbucker


100 in stock

From Humbucker to Single Coil


100 in stock

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Meet the EXchanger

Its enormous success proved that one could “change pickup without changing pickup “, and transform a single coil in humbucker and vice versa…


100 in stock

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The game-changing analog pedal in the world of WahWah pedals by grafting onto your own Wah pedal, unleash endless sounds without changing the Wah


100 in stock

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How We're Different

Since 2014, Keyztone is a novel French brand that wishes to bring simple solutions related to guitar enhancement. Our unique products are developed use exclusive analog processing based on patents from our R&D.

Keyztone pedals are like no other pedals on the market! 

For Single Coil to Humbucker

For Humbucker to Single Coil

The Pickup Enhancer

The New Gen Wah

The Guitar Division



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